Our Vodkas & Rum Range

Fermentation and storage of our various wines occurs in 200L or 400L stainless steel variable capacity tanks, which are sealed with a stainless steel lid and air lock. This small scale production can be easily handled by the two of us, keeping the whole process very ‘hands on’ and entirely our own. Fermentation and clarification of the ‘must’ typically takes six to eight weeks, using specialty yeasts and ‘state of the art’, but small scale, production systems.

The distillation is undertaken with a column still in small batch runs. This allows the spirit to be closely monitored for the performance of the unit, and the quality of the spirit produced. Following the production of spirit, the production of liqueurs is undertaken in glass and all flavours and colours are intrinsic to the raw material. No artificial colours, flavours or preservatives are ever added to any of our products.

All our vodkas have flavour and bouquet, heat at 40% alcohol (v/v) but none of the 'burn' often associated with conventional grain based Vodkas.

We recommend consumption as a neat spirit, mix with neutral mixers (if you must), unchilled and sipped.

Our rum is made by the fermentation of refinery grade molasses, distilled and soaked with oak and spices.

Lime Vodka

Smooth and clear with fantastic lime and floral flavours, ...

Sales price: $ 65.00
Tax amount: $ 5.91
Price / kg:

Potato Vodka

This is a very smooth, crystal clear spirit with a ...

Sales price: $ 89.00
Tax amount: $ 8.09
Price / kg:

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